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The Arts Oasis

The Arts Oasis is an organisation currently being established in Zimbabwe. This is the brainchild of Lucky Moyo who has spent many years working in the arts scene in Zimbabwe. His schedule has also involved touring 30 countries worldwide.

The Arts Oasis

These experiences have led him to conclude that there is little relevant training in the arts industries in Zimbabwe and the southern African region. It is clear that the arts contributes fundamentally towards the national economies of countries in the region, playing a role both in education, campaigning as well as having a huge role in the tourist industry,

The Arts Oasis

Lucky firmly believes in capacity building for the arts industries and argues that, just as there is continued training for professionals in areas such as medicine, the military, law and agriculture, the arts should be no different. He also believes that training for the arts needs to be focussed on three main areas: management, artistic ability and the more technical side. These areas are the backbone of the arts industry.

If you would like to be involved in any way in this endeavour, here to contact Lucky Moyo


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