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Bahna BeNgwana Development Association

Banha BeNgwana Development Association translate to mean “The Children of Ngwana Area’s Development Association”

The idea of this association came about when a group of friends who are all former students of Ngwana Primary School came together and decided that if their former school and home area where ever going to see any meaningful development that addresses their needs, they themselves needed to do something. They needed to be key initiators of any such development programmes in as much as they needed to actively do all the fundraising and awareness of development needs in their home area.

school children

In no time these former student sent word around and invited other former students, held meetings with the school head as well as the Chairperson of the school board. Three year after, hard work has paid out rewards far beyond their own initial plans.


Within a year of very active lobbying and fundraising, the association had installed a telephone line at Ngwana School, contributed sporting equipment and uniforms for the school’s football team. Not only that but working with school head this association held meetings with and lobbied the Bulalimamangwe District Council to fund the building of a classroom block that has greatly helped the school with two more classes.

School furniture

In 2003 with the help of friends in the Netherlands (some who had visited the school through ones of the student’s rural/cultural tourism initiative) the school received a donation of funds to acquire furniture for two classrooms and six teachers’ tables and desks. This donation went a long way in not only helping the school but in instilling a sense of self confidence in the members who really felt their impact of the work in their community. They were greatly praised by their community and this resulted in growth in their membership by other members of the community who wanted to be more involved in the association’s fundraising initiatives.


Having started all this means there is a long way to go; the association is looking at fundraising to equip the whole school with new furniture (pupils and teachers’) and this will be at a likely cost of £ 5000.

The association has divided their work into four main categories and more details of all these can be obtained from the secretary of the association.

A- repairs and maintenance of school buildings, equipment and resources -at a later stage looking at installing solar power and a computer to help easy the schools administrative issues.

B- Local dam which is the main source of water for the public and their livestock (so far not much has happened in this area

C. Community cohesion and welfare-looking at how the haves and have-nots can help each other in times of need and also how the community can work together in general development, social and even social order issues (some Christmas events have led to people contributing their time, money, labour etc and all profits of such events have been invested into the school.

For details contact;


Mr D Teni,
BBDA Secretary
6996 Nketa 9,

Tel: 00263 91 39 7998

Email: Lucky


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