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Cultural Trips

Lucky runs an eco- tourism project (cultural tourism) project in his rural home in Plumtree -south western Zimbabwe whose objectives are not just meant to give tourists a taste of rural Zimbabwe/ traditional African ways of living but that benefit’s the local community in that profits from accommodation, tour /walking guides/ dancers/musicians/ hosts get to share the income with the tour operator.

Experiencing the local culture

Thus the profits go hundred percent into the local population. Little wonder why some of the past visitors on such visits enjoyed the experience and to a large extent were touched by the local community ‘s hospitality so much that on going back to their home countries they have either kept the communication with the local/host community even contributed to the schools’ development association.


“ --- very warm people. I was not a tourist but a member of the host family. A student of life and if any thing on a journey to self discovery----” US Student on the School of International Training (SIT)

English Family

Apart from just doing the rural tours, this project takes tourists/GUESTS to the regular resorts like Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe Ruins, Whange National Park amongst others. The project has a good network of artists, similar rural initiatives nationally and can act as a good guide to anyone trying to make contact with individuals/association doing local initiatives all over Zimbabwe.


This project is run with friends at PRO-AFRICA in the Netherlands.


For more information;

Lucky Moyo on +44 79307481167 or







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